Transforming Food Waste into Sustainable Food Resource

At Life Lab Resources, we’re on a mission to ensure food security by revolutionizing the way we handle food waste. Our bio-tech solutions coupled with Green Eco Technologies reactive oxygen technology recycle and valorize food waste, closing the loop on food production, consumption, and waste to create a truly circular economy right here in Singapore.

Our impact in Singapore

Kgs of food waste processed
Kgs of CO2 reduced12
Litres of water saved compared to regular digesters 3

1Heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency technology in the EU [ICCT]; 2NEA Waste Statistics Annex A, NEA CO2 Emmission – Pg45
312 litres of tap water to dispose of 1kg of foodwaste [UK Water]

Addressing the Urgent Challenge of Food Waste

In 2022, Singapore generated a staggering 813,000 tonnes of food waste, yet only 18% of it was recycled according to NEA data. The absence of an integrated system to transform food waste into valuable resources exacerbates the problem.

Seeking to Ensure Food Security for Future Generations

In alignment with Singapore’s ambitious SG Green Plan 2030 and the Resource Sustainability Act, we’re dedicated to prioritizing food chain resilience, agri-food development, and the separate collection and processing of food waste.

Our Mission: Closing the Food Loop in Singapore

Our innovative solution is akin to how Singapore successfully closed the water loop with NeWater. We make closing the food loop easy with three simple steps:


WasteMaster Treatment: On-site food waste treatment with WasteMaster’s proprietary technology, resulting in up to 80% net weight reduction. This process retains nutritional value, eliminates harmful pathogens, and creates a safe, nutrient-rich substrate.


Bio-Refinery Plant: The treated substrates become feedstock for microbial protein cultivation in our Bio-Refinery Plant, producing high-quality protein with all essential amino acids for animal and aquaculture feed.


Sustainable Integration: We supply microbial protein to feed formulation companies. This seamlessly integrates food waste recycling into the food production ecosystem, reducing waste sent to incinerators and landfills while decreasing the need for new natural resources to produce food.

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