Life Lab Resources collaboration video with Frasers Property and Green Eco Technologies

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联合早报Lianhe Zaobao Online: 星狮五商场推出食物废料增值计划 将厨余转化为鱼饲料星狮五商场推出食物废料增值计划 将厨余转化为鱼饲料

8 World News Online: 星狮地产推出本地首个将食物垃圾转化成鱼饲料计划星狮地产推出本地首个将食物垃圾转化成鱼饲料计划

Channel 8 Hello Singapore: 星狮地产推出本地首个将食物垃圾转化成鱼饲料计划

Mothership: 5 S’pore malls to have on-site system to convert food waste into substrates for aquaculture

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