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Microbial protein

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Microbial Protein for Sustainable Animal and Aquaculture Feeds

To close the food loop in Singapore, we provide high-quality microbial protein to feed formulation companies in the animal and aquaculture industries.

Sustainably Integrated Production

Our process reduces waste sent to incinerators and landfills, minimizes material usage in food production, and ensures the output is free from pathogens. Multiple steps, including fermentation and final drying, ensure optimal protein yield

Improved Protein Yield

Life Lab Resources extracts microbial protein from WasteMaster substrate through a three-step valorization process, turning food waste into a valuable resource. We employ fermentation with inoculated food-grade microbes to achieve maximum protein yield.

Microbial Protein Inquiries

Microbial Protein

To inquire about Life Lab Resources’ Microbial Protein, please contact us at enquiries@thelifelab.asia