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The WasteMaster Solution

How it works

WasteMaster units incorporate proprietary technology that rapidly accelerates food waste treatment without additives or water. The process breaks down food at the cellular level in hours, leaving a reduced quantity of odor-free, nutrient-rich substrate material.

Distinctive Value Proposition

Unlike other solutions that convert food waste into limited-use effluent, Green Eco Technologies X Life Lab Resources WasteMaster transforms food waste into nutrient-rich substrates, further processed into microbial protein for animal and aquaculture feed. This closes the food loop and creates a truly circular economy in Singapore.


  • Reduces food waste by up to 80%.
  • Lowers waste management costs.
  • Retains up to 95% of calorific and nutrient values
  • Uses no precious water or additives
  • Eliminates pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella
  • Transforms food waste into a storable, inert substrate
  • Easy to operate, with remote management capabilities.
  • Cloud-based food waste weight reporting system.

WasteMaster Specifications

WM400 & WM1000

For inquiries about the WasteMaster Solution, please contact us at enquiries@thelifelab.asia